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About Why Use A Business Broker Credibility Use of 3rd Party Business Intermediary or Business broker adds a tremendous amount of credibility to a business that is for sale. A Buyer will naturally be wary of information provided directly by the Seller, and may in fact not feel comfortable working directly with a Seller, particularly if they are not familiar with the industry. A Buyer will often assume that the professional Business Broker or Intermediary will have looked at, properly interpreted and provided a more accurate, complete description of the business. Buyers are looking for anything that will make them feel more secure and confident in the business that they are analyzing. This feeling of comfort is enhanced when the Business Broker / Intermediary is part of a large, multi- office organization. This feeling of comfort, security and overall greater confidence translates to a perception that the deal is less risky - which equals a higher price, more potential buyers and a faster sales cycle! Confidentiality Maintaining confidentiality is critical in the sales process of any business. If employees, vendors, customers or competitors become aware that a business is for the - the results can be catastrophic. Leakage of this information can both make a business unsalable, and ruin its ability to continue operating as is. Maintaining confidentiality is exceptional difficult if the Owner attempts to sell the business himself. Whereas a Business Broker / Intermediary will receive all contacts in a completed removed environment, can limit exposure by assuring that only appropriately qualified Buyers are allowed access to information, and have legally binding Confidentiality Agreements in place before there is any contact with the Seller or information related to the business is released. Marketing Scope A key component of our marketing efforts for virtually every business is direct, targeted communication to potential Buyers, often including competitors if the Seller wishes. This would be virtually impossible for a Seller to do himself. Time Commitment Marketing a business for sale takes a lot of time. From preparation of marketing materials and ads, to responding to NDA requests, then answering questions and interviewing interested parties. The Business Broker / Intermediary already has proven materials - that can be adapted to each business, and will do all of the above tasks for the Seller. They need only meet with truly qualified, interested Buyers. Now that the necessity of the Business Broker / Intermediary is essential - "Why US?" It's the Network! Business Brokers of Florida Association is the largest, truly "networked" Business Group in the Florida. All of the BBF offices use a common "listing system" and have Agreements in place to co-Broker all opportunities. For example - when you list a business with us, every Broker in each of the BBF offices instantly has all of the information on the business, which they can then share with their Buyers. We share our listings with the world! Many other Business Brokers will not - a very important difference.